Holistic musculoskeletal treatments for natural pain relief

Musculoskeletal treatments for natural pain relief
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My own episodes of back pain have inspired me to treat pain and movement restrictions.

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Andrea Vallance

I am fully insured and a registered member of the Complementary Medical Association.


  • 3- year Dip Shiatsu Acupressure 
  • Dip Pathology & Disease
  • Dip Sports Massage ITEC Level 3
  • Dip Nutrition
  • Dip Massage ITEC Level 3
  • Cert Advanced Practitioner of Neuromuscular Release (Emmett)
  • Cert Lymphatic Drainage (Emmett)


I was selected to assist a renowned Australian physiotherapist on her intensive spinal therapy programme ‘Back-in-a-week’ in Cornwall during 2007 – 2011. It was a privilege to attend all biomechanical lectures, to acquire important and crucial practical skills and to enhance my knowledge about the diverse causes of back pain. I learnt about the five stages of spinal segmental break down and the many types of spinal disorders and subsequent treatment options. I gained proficiency in the correct use of a yoga block for specific and gentle yoga - based spinal decompression, its contraindications and the benefits of specific and gentle spinal decompression exercises. It is crucial to respect and understand any medical diagnosis and I regard this period as a massive and profoundly important learning event.


I was born in Germany and on coming to England in 1982, I married and had four, now grown up children who were all born and raised in Cornwall. 

In my youth I was a county gymnast. Gymnastics is a ‘high-impact’ sport with many risky and extreme manoeuvres but with youth on my side came also ignorance and a grudging acceptance of variable pain. Several decades later I sustained a couple of whiplash injuries followed by a traumatic climbing incident both of which have left me with chronic back pain as well as further musculoskeletal issues which resulted from this event. My study of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its health analysis and philosophy helped me to best manage my own health and pain levels.

Chronic physical pain and biomechanical misalignment often result in emotional and mental stress and vice versa.  TCM continues to play an important role in my treatment approach because it can unravel the root cause of your chronic pain. My role as your holistic remedial therapist is to educate, motivate and empower you to help yourself.

"A Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration on the Roseland Peninsula would have been an unmitigated disaster if it had not been for the professionalism and expertise of Andrea Vallance. The four-hour drive down to Cornwall had left my movement severely restricted, due to pain in my lower back. After a bad night's sleep I wake up in agony but determined to seek assistance. I felt very relieved she was able to re-arrange her appointments to fit me in at short notice. What shines through is her determination to get to the source of the problem and remedy it.  Her attention to detail and conscientious care are highly impressive. I received a post-treatment follow up email with further advice and a hard copy of the exercises that I practised with Andrea earlier. By mid-afternoon, I managed to re-join my family in the celebrations. Many thanks, Andrea, for getting me back on the move!"

Justin Stanley, Hereford, Worcestershire - ACUTE LOWER BACK PAIN
(On vacation in Cornwall) 23rd August 2018

"The first time I heard of Andrea Vallance was via a friend whom she had successfully treated for cycling related symptoms.

I have suffered on and off with variable back pain due to a deskbound career. One morning I got out of bed and my back went into painful spasm. I phoned Andrea who gave me immediate advice after which I saw her weekly for six sessions.  I now feel I have the know-how I need to steer clear of further episodes. 

I can highly recommend Andrea for her varied skills and expertise as well as her calm, friendly and reassured persona. She is a true professional and I felt safe in her care."

Vince Falco, Cranleigh, Surrey – ACUTE BACK PAIN